The least common evil

What´s this? Now it is the second day after we started thinking about our name and there is nothing. Nothing looks like this:


You see? NOTHING except a list of nice words. I wish we would have a cute pet with a crazy name or something like that in common. But we have nothing in common besides these facts: We are flatmates and we love to think about new apps and we are skilled in producing all kinds of apps.

We like words like hidden, beyond, island and so on. But this is only the sound of letters. But what´s what we want to say with this name: I like to have fun, so my favorites are snailbyte, nicetry and a lot more crazy ideas. Tobbe loves to have something middel-class, middle-age like. You should feel like we are very professional and know what we do. Christioph is an artist. He is looking for real enlightenment. I am waiting!

In the end, Sound of Source was the least common evil. And so it is:

Sound of Source